Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi (MACM) is aware that Medical Practices want to use Telemedicine to assist them during the current public health crisis.  MACM will insure the occasional use of Telemedicine for nonsurgical care as long as the patient is located within Mississippi at the time of the Telemedicine encounter, so there is no need to contact MACM. MACM will not insure a practice that exclusively utilizes Telemedicine. When using Telemedicine, we strongly urge Medical Practices to consider good risk management practices, which can be reviewed at the following link here. This applies only during the current public health crisis. Surgical practices should contact MACM prior to using Telemedicine.

This approval DOES NOT extend to telemedicine network participation in which providers are randomly assigned to patients by the telemedicine network or are selected by a patient from a roster of available physicians. 

This is provided for informational purposes. It is in no way intended to and should not be construed to be or to establish the standard of care applicable to physicians practicing in Mississippi. This information should not be regarded as legal advice.