At Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi, we believe that protecting our insureds from litigation is just as important as the service we provide after a suit is filed. The primary focus of our physician insureds is the health and well-being of their patients. We believe it is our responsibility to help them keep that focus while working to improve their ability to successfully ward off malpractice claims.

Our Services

MACM Risk Management offers several complimentary services to our insureds. It is our hope that, by providing information on relevant topics, our insureds will be able to better cope with the ever-changing landscape of medicine. We believe that education is a major component in changing behaviors, whether it is formalized educational offerings or more informal interventions such as consultations, surveys, and providing helpful tools to better the delivery of healthcare. Our consultants provide needed assistance in the areas of clinic and office risk management systems, medical records and compliance issues as this relates to the insured’s liability.

Comprehensive Survey

This survey is designed to evaluate the risk management systems and documentation within your practice and offer suggestions for improvement. We will interview key staff to discuss systems currently in place and evaluate documentation related to patient care and follow-up. A report of concerns and recommendations can be presented to the clinic staff and physicians along with a detailed written report.


This survey process is focused on an area that is of concern to the clinic. Examples of these types of surveys include prescribing of controlled substances within the regulations, use of EMR, telephone documentation, proper and consistent use of appropriate informed consent forms, or the development of a new service. Call us and tell us about your concerns to see if we can tailor a survey to assist you.

Onsite Consultations

If your practice is having a problem in a risk management area such as management of difficult patients, poor use of the EMR, or future addition of services or procedures, call us and we can come to your office to evaluate the concerns and discuss risk management strategies to lessen your liability.

Educational Programs

We can offer programs designed for administrative, clinical, and physician members of your clinic. These presentations can be customized to fit your needs. See the list of presentation topics here or call us with a risk management topic in which you are interested.

Phone & Email Consultations

Our consultants are available either by phone or e-mail to answer those risk management questions that come up in your daily clinic practice. For example: When and how to withdraw from care? How to handle a non-compliant patient? How to manage the misuse of social media?