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As Mississippi’s largest physician-owned medical malpractice provider, MACM is an organization of physicians dedicated to providing sound, stable insurance products and quality related services to healthcare providers practicing in the state of Mississippi.
In addition to protecting our insured physicians from and during litigation, MACM is actively involved in educating insureds about legislation or judicial decisions which directly affect their ability to practice medicine.
No company in Mississippi offers greater stability or better member services than Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi.
As technology becomes a greater part of a physician’s practice, we recognize that our insureds have increased risk relative to unauthorized access to data. MACM provides limited protection for its insureds through a partnership with NAS Insurance Services, Inc.
MACM's Board of Directors and Committees consist entirely of Mississippi physicians. This means that important decisions affecting insureds are made by your peers.
When facing a medical malpractice lawsuit, MACM insureds are involved in every decision, including the decision to defend or settle the claim.



Effective risk management includes recognizing, identifying, and reducing risks in order to improve quality of care and, at the same time, lessen the exposure for prevention of potential claims. The MACM Risk Management Department can offer our insureds all this and more.  Learn more…


Our qualified Claims Staff has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle the medical and legal issues that arise during the course of a claim. Many think it will never happen to them, but when it does, most could never imagine the overwhelming impact a lawsuit may have.
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The Underwriting Department services policies through the year by telephone consultations, email exchanges, and face-to-face meetings. Underwriters evaluate coverage needs, explain policy language, and issue and amend policies. Additionally, the Staff  manages the renewal process each year.  Learn more…