This is a list of our most requested in-services. Many clinics feel they could benefit from most of the topics listed. Your Risk Manager will work with you to create a schedule for presenting these in-services. If you have a specific need or concern in your clinic, we can create the content that you need. Combined, we have over 75 years of knowledge and experience on which we base these educational offerings. These are a great resource for your entire practice and all in-services are included as part of your provider’s liability coverage. These presentations are suitable for all staff but can be targeted to meet the specific needs of the clinic.

Improving Clinic Documentation

Time varies based on selected content

Risk Management advice on correct documentation for all fields in the progress note as well as medications and documentation of clinic phone calls. We include great examples we have found that show the incorrect way to document, and we break down the errors with explanations. This educational in-service can also be catered to your specific clinic needs using real examples from your clinic’s documentation.

Dealing with Violence and Difficult People in the Workplace

45 Minutes

If you think this is an issue that you will never have to address in your clinic, think again. We have learned that violence is much broader than just physical threats. Let us educate your clinic on signs to look for and steps to take. 

Confidentiality in the Clinical Office Setting

45 Minutes

Confidentiality may sound like common sense, but when we share our real MACM confidentiality cases, everyone is thankful for the refresher. 

Recommendations for Withdrawal from Care of a Patient and the Withdrawal of Care Letter

45 Minutes

There are times when it becomes necessary to withdraw care from a patient.  This in-service will discuss the instances in which this is necessary, when it is not appropriate to withdraw, and how best to withdraw care.

Social Media and Other Technologies in the Workplace

45 Minutes

We review the benefits technology can have in your workplace and we also review the most up-to-date guidance for using various technologies. 

Improving Clinic Office Systems

45 Minutes

Through this educational in-service, we review ways you can improve your clinic office systems, including tracking and management of test results, no-show patients, and referrals/consults to other providers. 

Customer Service in Healthcare

45 Minutes

We understand that your most unsatisfied customer is your greatest source of learning. Through this in-service, we review helpful tips and techniques to provide the best customer service experience. 


45 Minutes

When COVID-19 started, telemedicine took the healthcare world by storm. Through this in-service, we offer guidelines for providing telemedicine, including documentation of visits and consent agreement.