MACM claims department is staffed by professionals with over 100 years of combined experience. From the minute you reach out, you will receive exceptional personal customer service. At MACM, we understand the unique risks that our members experience in providing healthcare services and will collaborate with you every step of the way.

MACM will promptly and thoroughly gather the facts and circumstances surrounding an incident. The vast majority of cases are closed without any indemnity payment being made. Of the cases that go to trial, the MACM insured prevails more than ninety percent of the time. In cases that warrant consideration for settlement, MACM provides protection for the insured physician in negotiating reasonable resolutions with fair compensation to deserving patients.

How do I report a claim ?

A claim can be reported by phone, fax, email, overnight mail, or regular service of mail. It should be reported to MACM immediately.

How is the defense attorney chosen ?

If a lawsuit is filed, or it is determined that a file in claim status requires consulting with an attorney, MACM will retain counsel, under the policy, on behalf of the insured physician or facility. MACM maintains a panel of approved defense firms throughout the State of Mississippi.