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MACM exists to protect its insured physician members. This protection primarily includes providing a vigorous defense of claims and suits brought against our insureds. The vast majority of cases are closed without any indemnity payment being made. Of the cases that go to trial, the MACM insured prevails more than ninety percent of the time. In cases that warrant consideration for settlement, MACM provides protection for the insured physician in negotiating reasonable resolutions with fair compensation to deserving patients.

Our qualified Claims Staff has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle the medical and legal issues that arise during the course of a claim. Many think it will never happen to them, but when it does, most could never imagine the overwhelming impact a lawsuit may have on both their personal life and their medical practice.


Over the past 40 years of defending Mississippi physicians, MACM has developed a list of the most qualified medical liability defense attorneys in Mississippi. Each MACM Defense Counsel brings with them years of experience and knowledge of both the legal and medical professions to defend the physicians in our state. Our Defense Counsel understand that litigation can be a very unpleasant experience for most individuals.

At MACM, we work hard to ensure a smooth litigation process for everyone we defend. A complaint alleging medical malpractice can be the beginning of a long and painful experience for a physician, the family, and the related medical practice. While stress is a normal and expected response to involvement in an adverse event and the litigation that may follow, MACM has a Litigation Stress Support System to provide care to both the physician and his family during the litigation process.

We refer you to this website that may be helpful to you:

This website is intended to provide emotional and educational support during this period of exceptional stress. The support is designed to help physicians help themselves and mitigate the impact of stress so as to become better defendants and safer clinicians. This website is not intended to replace your communication or consultation with MACM Claims Representatives or Defense Counsel. If you are an insured that is interested in additional information about the company’s Litigation Stress Support System, contact your Claims Representative today.

If you would like to talk with a Claims Representative, please contact us at (601) 605-8878 or (800) 362-2912.