Do I need to call MACM if our clinic is using telemedicine?

Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi (MACM) is aware that Medical Practices want to use Telemedicine to assist them during the current public health crisis.  MACM will insure the use of Telemedicine for nonsurgical care as long as the patient is located within Mississippi at the time of the Telemedicine encounter, so there is no need to contact MACM. When using Telemedicine, we strongly urge Medical Practices to consider good risk management practices, which can be reviewed at the following link here. This applies only during the current public health crisis. Surgical practices should contact MACM prior to using Telemedicine.

This approval DOES NOT extend to telemedicine network participation in which providers are randomly assigned to patients by the telemedicine network or are selected by a patient from a roster of available physicians.

What information is available regarding Inpatient Medical Services and Elective Surgery?

Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi (MACM) cannot tell physicians which procedures are elective because that is something they need to decide on a case-by-case basis. Likewise, MACM cannot give advice regarding how clinic operations should be adjusted in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.

The Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH) has provided this resource to assist you in providing hospital elective services and surgeries. (

MACM will cover its insured physicians for the procedures they determine are necessary. MACM does recommend that every physician fully document the reasons that he or she is doing a surgical and diagnostic procedure at this time. MACM also recommends that, in addition to the usual consent forms, this consent (available by clicking below) be signed by the physician and patient.

COVID-19 Pandemic Surgery/Procedure Consent Form

Is MACM aware of the COVID-19 Task Group for Healthcare created by Governor Reeves?

Yes. MACM is a member of this group. MACM staff attends meetings of this coalition to represent our insureds regarding decisions affecting liability and risks in these uncertain times. This group, composed of other medical organizations in Mississippi, is working to manage the healthcare resources in our state. We are available to help with data and expertise regarding professional liability coverage and are working to uphold the protection you need during this time.

Risk Management Tip - How long do we have to keep medical records?

Over the course of a medical practice, it may become necessary to destroy the paper files of inactive patients. Unfortunately, there are no regulations that define an inactive patient or cover retention and destruction of office records in private practice clinics. The MACM Risk Management Department has a handout available that can answer some of the questions you have about medical records destruction. Please click here to access that information and contact Risk Management with any additional questions you may have.

Are the Risk Management Office Staff Programs still scheduled for this year?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the remaining 2020 MACM Office Staff Programs. This decision was made to comply with current social distancing requirements; however, we also recognize you and your staff have been working in very difficult circumstances and your time in the office is priority. As always, our primary goal remains the protection of Mississippi physicians and their clinic staffs.

This is provided for informational purposes. It is in no way intended to and should not be construed to be or to establish the standard of care applicable to physicians practicing in Mississippi. This information should not be regarded as legal advice.

HORNE Financial Webinar

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, MACM hosted a webinar led by HORNE which offered guidance for financial and accounting decisions during this time of crisis. A recording of this webinar is now available. To view the webinar, please click the following link.

HORNE COVID-19 Town Hall Meeting Held April 16, 2020

HORNE Telehealth Blog

HORNE has made available to MACM insureds a healthcare blog. This blog was used as a resource in the April 16 webinar but is also regularly updated with relevant information.

HORNE Telehealth Blog

The material contained in this presentation is a service of HORNE, LLP. Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi provides this presentation for informational purposes and does not guarantee the accuracy of the content. Nothing in this presentation constitutes legal, accounting, or other professional advice. You should not act on the basis of any material contained in this presentation without the benefit of proper legal, accounting, or other professional advice specific to your situation.