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In survey after survey, physicians regularly admit to experiencing at least one symptom of burnout. In this issue of the Risk Manager, MACM Medical Director, Gerry Ann Houston, MD, offers her thoughts on physician burnout - the symptoms and the concerns - and how it can affect a physician’s liability risk.  Page 4



Additional Topics:

Cyber Liability - Risk and Resources  Page 3

Guidance on Responding to Requests for Medical Records  Page 6


Publications Archives

  • 2017

    • Risk Manager Alert - May

      • Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure Announces Changes to Administrative Code
      • MACM Offers Course on the Mississippi PMP
  • 2016

    • Issue 1 - Spring

      Informed Consent

      • Checklist
      • Case Study
    • Risk Manager Alert - June

      • MSBML Announces Change in Mileage Restriction between APRN and Physician Collaborator
      • Update on Telemedicine
    • Issue 2 - Summer

      CDC Guidelines for Perscribing Opioids for Chronic Pain


      Goverment Guidelines, Practice Parameters and Specialty Standards


      Case Study - Perscribing Opioids

    • Issue 3 - Fall

  • 2015

    • Issue 1

      • Check list for Dismissing Patients from Practice
      • MACM Involvement in MSPQC Will Prove Beneficial to Insureds

    • Issue 2

      • Houston's Handoffs
      • Telemedicine Checklist
      • Internal Medicine & Pediatric Clinic of New Albany: Working as a Team for Better Patient Care
      • 2015 CME Re-cap

  • 2014

    • Issue 1

      • Prescription Drug Abuse in Mississippi: What yo need to know and what MACM has available to you.
      • Medical Students at Work: Hattiesburg Clinic Continues Support of Medical Education and Mentoring
      • Securing the Future of Healthcare: Students in your Practice
      • Obstetrical Initiative Three -Step Plan of Action
      • 2013 CME Re-Cap
      • Cardiology Associates of North Mississippi: Communicating with Patients and the Community

    • Issue 2

      • Working with Hospitals for Patient Safety Concerns
      • Diversion of Prescription Drugs in Mississippi: Working with the DEA Proves Mutually Beneficial for Mississippi Physicians, Providers, and Patients
      • Communicating Unexpected Diagnostic Results
      • 2013 Analysis of Claims Committee Files

  • 2013

    • Issue 1

      • Maples' Musings: We Need More Doctors. Really?
      • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of EMRs
      • 2012 Analysis of Claims Committee Files

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