MACM offers medical liability coverage on a claims made basis. Claims made coverage provides the insured coverage for claims reported during the policy period, arising from the medical professional services rendered or that should have been rendered during the period from the inception of the initial policy (retroactive date) to the expiration date of the final policy.


Consent to Settle

MACM's policy states that no settlement can be made without the prior consent of the insured physician. We work together with our insureds in the defense or settlement of their claims.


Physician Advocacy

In addition to protecting our insured physicians, we work hard to educate them when legislation or judicial decisions arise that could directly affect their ability to practice effectively in the state of Mississippi. Regular communication with our insureds lets them know what is going on in the legislative and judicial environment in Mississippi and how they can participate in the process


eMD Cyber Liability Coverage

As technology becomes a greater part of a physician’s practice, Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi recognizes that our insureds have increased risk relative to unauthorized access to data. Data breaches of protected health information can stem from someone hacking into a computer system, rogue employees, stolen laptops, lost smart phones, or careless vendors. Data breaches are growing in number, and we believe that our insureds need to be protected. MACM insured physicians and clinics now have coverage, through NAS Insurance Services, Inc. that provides protection in seven areas:

  1. Multimedia Liability
  2. Security and Privacy Liability
  3. Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties
  4. Network Asset Protection
  5. Cyber Extortion
  6. Cyber Terrorism
  7. Privacy Breach Response Costs, Patient Notification Expenses, and Patient Support and Credit Monitoring Expenses


Tail Coverage

After five years with the Company, there is no extra charge for tail coverage upon retirement, regardless of the age of the physician. Should a physician become disabled or die, the premium and the five-year requirement are waived.


Our Staff

We offer immediate access to experienced, well-trained Underwriters, Claims Representatives, and Risk Management Consultants in our offices located in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

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