Board of Directors
Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi's Board of Directors are represented by some of the most distinguished physicians in Mississippi. They bring many years of expertise in various medical specialties throughout the state. The members of the Board understand the unique concerns of our members and strive to uphold our mission to provide sound and stable insurance products and quality related services to physicians and other healthcare providers practicing in Mississippi.

Earl T. Stubblefield, MD

Chairman Ob-Gyn Jackson

Bryan N. Batson, MD

IM/Pediactrics Hattiesburg

J. Clay Hays, Jr., MD

Cardiology Jackson

Eric A. McVey, III, MD

Vice Chairman Infectious Disease Jackson

Steven L. Demetropoulos, MD

Emergency Medicine Pascagoula

Roger L. Huey, MD

Gastroenterology Tupelo

James E. Hall, MD

Secretary Ophthalmology Brookhaven

J. Joseph Durfey, MD

Anesthesiology Jackson

Jeff Moses, MD

Emergency Medicine Greenwood
Claims Committee

J. W. (Buddy) Williamson, MD, Chairman

Tupelo, MS
Risk Management Committee

Todd N. Adkins, MD

Jackson, MS

Alexander J. Haick, Jr., MD, Chairman

Ridgeland, MS

Vinita Gulanikar, MD

Ridgeland, MS

Keith L. Carter, MD

Jackson, MS

Thomas H. Pearson, MD

Starkville, MS

F. Henry Flautt, Jr., MD

Greenwood, MS

Joseph P. Phillips, MD

Hattiesburg, MS

Louise A. Gombako-Amos, MD

McComb, MS

James Wright O'Mara, MD

Jackson, MS

Manisha Sethi, MD

Ridgeland, MS
Investment Committee

G. Chris Ball, MD, Chairman

Jackson, MS

W. Robert Battle, MD

Jackson, MS

Michael H. Carter, Jr., MD

Greenwood, MS

R. Houston Hardin, Jr., MD

Jackson, MS

Michael D. Maples, MD

Jackson, MS

Earl T. Stubblefield, MD

Jackson, MS
Committee Members

404 West Parkway Place, Ridgeland, MS 39157

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